Spectator Tips

All persons are subject to search upon entering the tournament.

The following items are prohibited at all Korn Ferry Tour events:

No plastic, metal or glass cups, cans or containers except medical or infant needs.

No computers or laptops.

No fireworks or laser pointers.

No lawn or oversize chairs, seat cushions or bicycles.

No pets except for service animals.

No knives, firearms or weapons of any nature.

No video cameras (all week).

No photography cameras (during competition).

No coolers.

No radios or tvs.

No posters, signs or banners.

No bags larger than a small purse that’s 6″x6″. No clear plastic bags larger than 12″x6″x12″.


Autographs are permissible but not during a player’s round. Best places for autographs are behind the practice range (outside the ropes), the putting green and the 18th green after the conclusion of the player’s round.

Beverage Policy

No alcoholic beverages may be served or sold or permitted to be served or sold to anyone under the age of twenty-one (21) years.

Cell Phone Policy

Spectators are allowed to carry mobile devices on the golf course with the volume setting on silent or vibrate. Please refrain from using your mobile device on-course near play.


Concession stands are located on the course serving a variety of food and beverage items. No outside food and beverage is allowed on tournament grounds.


Located throughout the golf course.

Weather Warning / Suspension of Play

If inclement weather is approaching, a “Weather Warning” notification will be posted on all electronic scoreboards on the course. When this message appears, spectators are advised to take immediate precaution by evacuating bleachers. In the event of “Severe Weather” warning and a suspension of play, please proceed to the bus loading area to be returned to your car for safety. A suspension of play is preceded by an air horn signal. Suspension of play is a stoppage of play, not necessarily a cancellation of play for the day. Notification to play will be given in each parking lot.

Spectator Tickets will be Available in January

Contact us for more information.